Ikea delay the US smart blinds release, yes again

After months of waiting and confirmation for the US release of the Smart blinds. Ikea has confirmed to The Verge that its smart blinds won’t launch in the United States until “later this year” Meaning that this is the 3rd product release date in the US that the company has missed, not to mention Homekit missing in action.

Although Ikea has confirmed the blinds will not ship in October. The company has provided no reason behind the delay, nor will it provide a new date. Instead, IKEA says that they will launch “later this year.”

The blinds are already available in Europe, the UK and Canada and some have said it could the US delay could be down to stock shortage. However, following my own Ikea smart blind review, which highlighted various software related problems. I believe maybe Ikea are having serious issues with the software that they can’t resolve.

Further to this, IKEA had originally promised integration with HomeKit at launch. But at the start of the European launched backtracked on that commitment. The company now says that HomeKit support will be available later this fall. But fall is almost over, so it’s now anyone’s guess if it will happen.

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When Ikea finally ship the blinds in the United States. You will only get the option of the Fyrtur blackout blinds. Pricing will be between $129 and $179, depending on size you require.

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