Withings is back after sale to co-founder Eric Carreel

Withings is back with its Co-founder Eric Carreel

Withings, the connected health business was sold to Nokia just over 2 years ago and now Nokia is selling the Withings back to its Eric Carreel, one of its original co-founders.

Nokia bought the health tracking business in 2016 and rebranded it, Nokia in an effort to hopefully compete with FitBit and even Apple. From an outsiders point of view, this acquisition has not really paid off with a number of high profile product flops and a host of current products simply rebranded with the Nokia logo.

Nokia could not make Withings work

The biggest product issue this year for Nokia is when it messed up the Body Cardio scale, which was developed by Withings before the Nokia acquisition. Its unique selling feature was that it could measure your pulse wave velocity, which is the speed at which blood flows through your body. The scale then does some fancy pulse wave stuff around testing your arteries to determine your cardiovascular health.Nokia cardio scaleEarlier this year, however, Nokia disabled the feature, saying it may need some further regulatory approval and for those that purchased this scale would be left with a product that simply measured heart rate, which can be found on cheaper scales.

But despite the challenges faced by Nokia, Carreel promised that the pulse wave velocity gauge will be back, although no timeframe has been confirmed.

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So what does the future hold for Withings by this U-turn? Only time will tell as returning to its roots could help the connected health business return to offer the crowded wearable market an alternative with Stylish connected health and wearable products that made it stand out before

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