Whoop Strap 3.0 will track you for longer

Whoop is back with the third generation of its device called the Whoop 3.0 with an increased battery life up to five days.

The new Whoop Strap looks like the Whoop 2.0 that is waterproof and can measure data 24/7 including heart rate, ambient temperature and heart rate variability. They have increased battery life from the 3 days you got with the Strap 2.0 up to five days in the Whoop 3.0.

The new Whoop 3.0 comes with new features in the new wearable.
  • Strain Coach, which will now tell you whether you need to push harder in your training sessions in real time.
  • Whoop Snap+ is a feature that allows you to overlay data recorded by the wearable over videos and photos. This apparently gives you a view to better understanding where your performance peaks or drops off.
  • The Whoop 3.0 is also BLE-compatible which means it is compatible with third-party fitness apps and devices compatible with devices like exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines.

On the previous Whoop V2.0 calculations were performed in the cloud and synced back to the app. However it the New V3.0 does all the calculations right on the wearable.

Whoop’s third generation device is no longer available buy outright and you must sign up to a membership, which starts at $30 a month. You can sign up for one now on the Whoop site, which gets you the new Strap and access to all of the software analytics tools.

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