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Wearables, fitness tech buyers guide – August 2018

The definitive buyers guide to wearables, fitness tech and sports watches for August 2018

Its been a quiet month in August for the fitness watch/tracker manufacturers, but with IFA Berlin 2018 around the corner, expect a few surprises from Fitbit with the Charge 3 and maybe Garmin with a new fitness tracker, we also may even see the Wahoo Rival GPS watch.

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This buying guide pulls all the information in one place to give you what you need to hopefully help you buying your next bit of fitness tech. The guide covers the leading brands in fitness tech and wearables along with any relevant accessories,

  • Apple
  • Garmin
  • Polar
  • Suunto
  • TomTom
  • Wahoo

The information contained in this roundup is comprised of past, current and future fitness devices and its simple to follow;

  • Device – This is the fitness device
  • Device info – Overview of the current buying advice for the device
  • Purchase link – If the device is still current and AJR has offers available for this device, then a link will appear in this box


Apple FitnessApple Fitness

Apple entered the smartwatch market in with the Apple Watch series 1 and its now grown to be most sold smartwatch. The Apple Watch now in series 3 is a capable fitness watch.

Apple Wearables

Apple fitness watches featuring past, current and rumoured Apple fitness devices

DeviceDevice info 
Apple Watch Series 1First Gen AW. No GPS. Still buy, but not advisedPrevious
Apple Watch Series 2Previous Gen device, comes with GPS and swimming mode. Good optionPrevious
Apple Watch Series 2Current Gen device. other than LTE support not much between Gen 2Current
Apple Watch Series 4Future Apple watch, no real details on this yetFuture

Garmin Fitness

Garmin is one of the leaders in GPS and fitness devices and offers a variety of different offerings. Some of the wearables range overlap in terms of features, but in the main, they all offer something different. Below features past, current and rumoured Garmin devices

Garmin fitness watches & wearables

Garmin fitness watches and wearables with Past Garmin, current Garmin and rumoured Garmin watches. Featured in this list are the Fenix series, Forerunner series and the other Garmin fitness watches that are been released, or may be released in the future.

DeviceDevice infoDevice status
Garmin FenixVery old device, dont buyobsolete model
Garmin Fenix 2Very old device, outdated. I would not buy this deviceobsolete model
Garmin Fenix 3Old device, but still a capable device. I would go for the HR version thoughStill Available
Garmin Fenix 3 HROld device, but still a capable device. Garmin has stopped releasing new featuresStill Available
Garmin Fenix 5sLatest version in the Fenix range. Still being updatedCurrent device
Garmin Fenix 5Latest version in the Fenix range. Still being updatedCurrent device
Garmin Fenix 5xLatest version in the Fenix range. Still being updatedCurrent device
Garmin Fenix 5 PlusBased on leaks its coming July 2018Released now
Garmin Fenix 5s PlusBased on leaks its coming July 2018Released now
Garmin Fenix 5x PlusBased on leaks its coming July 2018Released now
Garmin Fenix 6Likely to be released in 2019Rumoured device coming 2019
Garmin Quatix 3Old device, dont buyobsolete model
Garmin D2 BravoOld device, but still capable device. No new features will be released to this watchStill Available
Garmin D2 CharlieLatest version in the D2 line, expensive, but if you need its aviation featuresCurrent device
Garmin Tactix BravoOld device, but still capable device. No new features will be released to this watchStill Available
Garmin Tactix CharlieLatest version, but I have to ask why Garmin have this line of watchesCurrent device
Garmin quatixOld, do not buyobsolete model
Garmin quatix 5Latest version of this seriesStill Available
Garmin quatix 5 SapphireLatest version of this series but just with a Sapphire screen and metal strapStill Available
Garmin ChronosNot sure why this watch was created, but if you have money to burn then buy itCurrent device
Garmin Descent Mk1Garmin's first diving watch with the same features as the Fenix 5 rangeCurrent device
Garmin Forerunner 210Dont buy - Old 2010obsolete model
Garmin Forerunner 220Dont buy - old 2013obsolete model
Garmin Forerunner 230Dont buy - Been replaced really by the FR235obsolete model
Garmin Forerunner 225Dont buyobsolete model
Garmin Forerunner 235Still a good buy in terms of a watch. But no new featuresStill Available
Garmin Forerunner 610Dont buy - Old 2011Still Available
Garmin Forerunner 620Dont buy - Old 2013Still Available
Garmin Forerunner 630Dont buy - the FR645 has taken over this watchobsolete model
Garmin Forerunner 645/645 MusicLaunched 2018, latest versionCurrent device
Garmin Forerunner 735XTBuy at the right price, still a good watchStill Available
Garmin Forerunner 910XTDont buyobsolete model
Garmin Forerunner 920XTIts been replaced with the FR935, but still a good capable watchStill Available
Garmin Forerunner 935Came out the same time as the Fenix 5. No rumours or a replacement at presentCurrent device
Garmin VivoactiveOld device, buy the Vivoactive HR insteadobsolete model
Garmin Vivoactive HRStill a good watch and capable. Buy if you want a solid but older watchStill Available
Garmin Vivoactive 3Released in Aug 2017. Good fitness watch
Current device
Garmin Vivoactive 3 musicRumours are suggesting this may arrive and it could be September 2018Rumoured device

Garmin cycling computers

Garmin Edge cycling computers with legacy, current and rumoured Garmin Edge devices

DeviceDevice info
Garmin Edge 20Still a good stable cycling computer. Due a refresh though, Maybe 2018
Garmin Edge 25Still a good stable cycling computer. Due a refresh though, Maybe 2018
Garmin Edge 200Old device 2011, dont buy
Garmin Edge 130Current device
Garmin Edge 1402020 or beyond before its released
Garmin Edge 500Old device 2009, dont buy
Garmin Edge 510Old device 2013, dont buy
Garmin Edge 520Released 2017, replacement has come in the Edge 520 plus
Garmin Edge 520 PlusRecently released 2018
Garmin Edge 800Old device 2010, dont buy
Garmin Edge 810Old device 2013, dont buy
Garmin Edge 820Current device 2017, expect a new one in 2019 maybe
Garmin Edge 830Expected in 2019
Garmin Edge 1000Buy if you get a good deal. But still priced high
Garmin Edge 1030Current version
Garmin Edge 1040Maybe 2020
Garmin Edge ExploreCurrent device

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Garmin cycling accessories

Garmin cycling accessories with legacy, current and rumoured Garmin cycling accessories

DeviceDevice info
Garmin Varia RadarWhilst this is the previous version. Its still current and capable
Garmin Varia™ RTL510
Current version of the radar light from Garmin
Garmin VectorOld device 2011, dont buy
Garmin Vector 2Previous gen. The device had some issues with power dection
Garmin Vector 3Latest version 2017 - Replacement expected 2019
Garmin Varia Smart Bike LightsPrevious version Expensive light that connects to the Edge series
Garmin Varia UT800 Smart HeadlightCurrent version. Still expensive for what it is
Garmin Varia Vision In-sight DisplayCame out in 2016. Not sure if a replacement is coming

Garmin fitness accessories

Garmin fitness accessories with legacy, current and rumoured Garmin accessories

DeviceDevice info
Garmin FootpodCurrent version. No changes for a while seen
Running Dynamics Pod
Running dynamics version of the footpod
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor
Just a heart rate monitor
Garmin Soft Strap Premium Heart Rate MonitorJust a premium version of the heart rate monitor above
Garmin HRM RunHeart rate monitor with built in Garmin running dynamics
Garmin HRM swimWaterproof version of the Garmin HRM
Garmin HRM-TriTri version of the HRM which is waterproof and built in Garmin running dynamics

Polar FitnessPolar Fitness

Polar has been around for a long time and offer GPS sports watches along with cycling computers. Polar is seen as a solid option with a far lighter product range, making it easier to choose

Polar fitness watches & wearables

Polar fitness watches and wearables with legacy, current and rumoured Polar devices

DeviceDevice info
Polar RCX 5Old device 2011, dont buy
Polar RCX 3Old device 2012, dont buy
Polar RC3 GPSOld device 2012, dont buy
Polar V800Still current, but released in 2014. Due a refresh
Polar V850Rumoured device, but long overdue now
Polar M200Current device released Oct 2016
Polar M400Released 2014, but at the right price
Polar M430Released April 2017. Current device
Polar M600released in 2016, but updated with Andriodwear in 2017. Good buy

Polar cycling computers

Polar cycling computers with legacy, current and rumoured Polar devices

DeviceDevice info
Polar V450Replaced, but buy if cheap
Polar V460Same hardware as the M450, but different software
Polar V650Current but old device 2014.
Polar V660Overdue and may not arrive now

Polar fitness accessories

Below is the list of Polar fitness accessories and status of the accessory

DeviceDevice info
Polar OH1None waterproof version of the Heart rate
Polar H10Waterproof Heart rate monitor

Suunto FitnessSuunto Fitness

Suunto is one of the leaders of the fitness watch space, but the strengh is in the dive watch. The Suunto range can often be confusing and overlap in terms of features and that is something to watch out for.

Suunto fitness watches & wearables

Suunto fitness watches and wearables with legacy, current and rumoured devices

DeviceDevice info
Suunto AmbitVery old device 2012, dont buy
Suunto Ambit 2Very old device 2013, dont buy
Suunto Ambit 3Very old device 2014, dont buy
Suunto Ambit 4Not doing to happen now
Suunto Ambit 3 SportRun version of the Ambit, but if you want to
Suunto Ambit 3 RunBit sexist, Suunto market this for women!
Suunto Ambit 3 VerticalAgain, another Ambit 3
Suunto Ambit 3 PeakYet another Ambit with longer battery life
Suunto Spartan UltraCurrent and released in 2016. No HR wrist HR sensor
Suunto Spartan Ultra 2Likely to arrive in 2018
Suunto Spartan SportAnother version of the spartan range, No optical HR
Suunto Spartan Sport wrist HRCurrent version with wrist based HR
Suunto Spartan Sport wrist HR BaroJust another version came out in 2018 with barometric altitude
Suunto Spartan trainer wrist HRAnother spartan but slightly dumbed down
Suunto 3 FitnessFitness watch with no GPS
Suunto KailashNo idea what this watch is aimed at
Suunto TraverseDont bother buying
Suunto 9Current device, available 26th June 2018

TomTom FitnessTomTom fitness

TomTom has formally announced they leaving the fitness market, do not buy

TomTom fitness watches & wearables

TomTom fitness watches and wearables with legacy, current and rumoured devices

DeviceDevice info
TomTom MultisportDo not buy
TomTom Multisport CardioDo not buy
TomTom RunnerDo not buy
TomTom Runner CardioDo not buy
TomTom Spark 2Do not buy
TomTom Spark 3Do not buy
TomTomDo not buy

Wahoo FitnessWahoo Fitness

Wahoo offers some amazing fitness tech and certainly one to consider as an alternative to Garmin. The range is small, but the cycling computers are solid with some great features

Wahoo fitness watches & wearables

Whilst Wahoo has not released the Wahoo ELEMNT Rival, it has its own section in this buying guide.

DeviceDevice info
Wahoo ELEMNT RivalReleased was penciled in May 2018, However a recent FCC filing suggests its delayed

Wahoo cycling computers

Wahoo  cycling computers with legacy, current and rumoured devices

DeviceDevice info
Wahoo ELEMNTReleased in March 2016, still a good buy
Wahoo ELEMNT BoltReleased in March 2017, good buy and replacement expected in 2019
Wahoo ELEMNT MiniReleased in August 2017, replacement expected 2019


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