WatchOS 6 wish list for WWDC 2019 – Everything thats known

As WWDC 2019 fast approaches and despite it being a week-long event, the focus for most Apple fans is the Keynote on Monday. The WWDC 19 keynote starts Monday, June 3 at 10 am PDT, that’s 5 pm GMT to us in the UK.

Apple will live-stream the event on its website, but I will also be doing a liveblog along with analyst and opinion on the various WWDC keynote announcements. So remember to check back for that

Straight of the bat, we will not see any new hardware like the Apple Watch 5, However, we will see iOS 13, WatchOS 6 and macOS 10.15. These new Apple OS versions will bring improvements to existing Apple hardware, but give us a hint of what to expect in the future.

Before we get started, as always the wishlist is base on information received, other reports and a sprinkle of what I would like. Some of it will be right and some of it may be well off. But remember to check back for the liveblog Monday.

WatchOS 6 at WWDC 2019

Apple’s latest software for its Apple Watch 4 wearable will most certainly make a debut at WWDC 2019, as this is the pattern over the years. But what do we expect in terms of new features in WatchOS 6 at WWDC?

A report from Bloomberg got the lowdown on what features we might see in watchOS 6. These include an App Store built directly into the watch for browsing and downloading, along with a new Voice Memos app. Bloomberg also expects Apple Books to finally arrive on the Apple Watch. But for listening rather than reading on the Apple Watch, come on, can you imagine that!

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Apple also plans to add a Calculator app, a Voice Memos app. WatchOS 6 will also bring Animoji and Memoji stickers to the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 6 gets more health focused

I have been saying for some time, it is only going to be a matter of time before Apple catches up with the likes of Garmin to offer real competition. So could we see better health and fitness apps that could offer more than just the basis tracking we find now?

New health applications are said to be coming in WatchOS 6, with Apple set to introduce a “Dose” app for pill reminders and a “Cycles” app for tracking menstrual cycles. We may also see an overall to the other fitness and health apps at WWDC.

New Watch faces in WatchOS 6WatchOS 6

There will be new watch faces as well, including “Gradient” that makes a gradient out of a colour the user chooses. Along with two new “X-Large” faces showing jumbo numbers in different fonts and colours. A “California” dial will look like a classic watch face but with a mix of Roman numerals and Arabic numerals. The “Solar Analog” face is getting redesigned with a watch face that looks like a sundial.

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Don’t forget to follow our WWDC liveblog Monday, 3rd June to receive the latest on WatchOS 6 at WWDC.

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