Wahoo Rival GPS fitness watch arriving soon

Based on a recent FCC filing, the Wahoo Rival GPS fitness watch should be released in the summer and based on the pictures it just looks like any other GPS fitness watch from other brands like Garmin and Suunto, well, in fact, the rear of the watch looks like a Suunto.

For a long time Garmin and Suunto have dominated the fitness watch industry, but recent challenges from Amazfit, Apple Watch has brought much-needed competition and now Wahoo are entering the GPS fitness watch market, it’s only going to be better for us consumers.

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Whilst the details on the Wahoo rival GPS watch are not clear based on the current leaks, but if we judge the current Wahoo GPS cycling computer lineup, the new fitness watch by Wahoo should be something to consider when it finally arrives this summer.

Wahoo rival design and pictures

Whilst little is known at this stage about the features, it would appear that the Wahoo Rival will come in a very similar design to other GPS sports watches and will likely come in 2 colours, white and black.

Based on the leaked pictures the Wahoo Rival will feature an optical HR sensor on the back, but based on the latest pictures it looks like they won’t feature removal bands and will use similar magnetic charging port as found on the Suunto 9



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