Viewranger iOS update brings Skyline feature

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Viewranger Skyline augmented reality

Have you ever stood on a remote mountaintop, stared at the surrounding peaks and wondered to yourself, “What’s that hill on the horizon?” Then this is the day you’ve been waiting for as Viewranger have released Skyline

ViewRanger Skyline ­– released for the first time on iOS devices today – is a world first in outdoor navigation. Using augmented reality technology, Skyline annotates and interacts with the landscape around you, using your phone’s camera to label mountains, hills, lakes, towns, villages, cliffs, bays and even glaciers up to 20 miles away.

viewranger skyline edale mam tor hiking gps app
Viewranger ios app with Skyline being used at Edale peak district

Skyline works across 80% of the world’s surface – pretty much everywhere except the extreme polar regions – and instantly identifies more than 9 million landscape features. Like the rest of the ViewRanger app it works offline without mobile or data connection, allowing you to explore and navigate like never before in even the most remote parts of our planet.

Even better, if you’re following a pre-planned route within ViewRanger, directional arrows and waypoint information boxes will appear in front of you, showing you which way to travel and providing detailed information about the route you’re following.

How much will all of this cost you? Absolutely nothing. All you need to do is download the latest version of ViewRanger from the Apple App Store for free, then tap the Skyline button to instantly bring your maps to life.

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Viewranger Ten years in the making


ViewRanger’s founders have spent more than a decade developing their vision to place map data directly, but virtually, into the real world landscape, and the release of Skyline finally sees that vision become a reality.

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Skyline was originally inspired by Alfred Wainwright’s Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells – a series of seven guidebooks that include annotated hand-drawn illustrations of 214 mountains in the English Lake District. Early versions of Skyline were created for Nokia Symbian phones as far back as 2005 – long before most of us were using smartphones – but it has taken over 10 years for mobile technology to catch up enough to deliver the version of Skyline released today.

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Skyline is now available for outdoor enthusiasts around the world to download on iPhone and iPad, and is coming to soon to the ViewRanger app on Android. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it – and don’t forget to share your favourite Skyline photographs with us on Twitter and Instagram using #MySkyline.

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