Turtle snorkelling in Akumal beach Mexico

Whilst out in Mexico we decided to go to Turtle snorkelling at Akumal beach which was only 10 minutes drive from our hotel. We had read the reviews and was expecting to see some turtles, but not on the scale we did, the experience was amazing.


Turtle snorkelling in turtle bay Akumal mexico
Turtle swimming in the sea at Turtle bay Akumal beach mexico

Turtle snorkelling at Turtle bay – Top tips

When you arrive you will be guided down to the beach by a local, ignore this person and then go onto the beach. Ignore the people offering you guided tours promising you only the best views of the turtles if you pay with them! They charge £30 plus each and take you the same place you can go for free yourself. Just go on the beach, hire some masks and snorkels for no more than £3 and then head out until it’s clear and you will see loverly turtles. Check the Video below to see exactly what you will see if you are lucky.


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