Tradfri app suggests Ikea Smart blinds release soon

Following on from a recent leak in an Ikea store in the UK suggesting the Tradfri smart blinds release is coming 28th May 2019. It now looks like it could be correct as the Tradfri App has a splash screen saying, “introducing smart blinds” along with the setup process.

Upon firing up the Tradfri app this evening it greeted me with the below image, however pressing on the “learn more” took me to a default Ikea Smart Home holding page with no sign of the Tradfri smart blinds.

Tradfri app smart blinds


The ability to add the smart blinds from within the app appears live now. It looks like you need a gateway, either the FYRTUR or KADRILJ blinds, Signal repeater and the open/close remote. The setup process works in the same way as the other Tradfri products.

Ikea smart blinds setup process


Ikea FYRTUR and KADRILJ smart blinds

For those of you that need a quick reminder of the specs, pricing and all the other juicy stuff, then checkout below

The two different models in IKEA’s smart blind range include the

    • The FYRTUR is designed as a blackout blind which is powered by a rechargeable battery with HomeKit support
    • The KADRILJ is more of a traditional blind that lets light through with a rechargeable battery and HomeKit support.

Confirmed European sizing for IKEA smart blinds are;

  • 100x195xm
  • 120x195cm
  • 140x195cm
  • 60×195cm
  • 80×195cm

Both models are slightly bulkier than normal blinds and this is because of the rechargeable battery, the motor and the other smart blind components that are built in.

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As mentioned already, IKEA are linking the Smart blinds with its existing TRÅDFRI lighting gateway. That means you can control the new smart blinds using Alexa, HomeKit or the Google Assistant.

If you don’t want to use one of the smart home services, you will use a remote to control the blinds.

Ikea has priced the smart blinds at 99 EUR and 155 EUR depending on the size, that would equate to around £89 and £139 in the UK and that is a low priced when you compare to similar smart blind products.

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