The Moko iPad Pro 2018 case review – The best alternative to the Apple Folio

iPad Pro 2018 case review

Choosing an iPad Pro case is as crucial as picking what storage size when it comes to the iPad Pro, but with so many options and varying prices it can be confusing. So when I took a chance on the MoKo case for the iPad Pro 11 2018, It seemed like a gamble given the low price.

For the purpose of the review I tested both the iPad Pro 11 case and the iPad Pro 12.9 case, but the majority of the review and pictures reference the iPad Pro 11 2018 version.

So continue reading this Moko iPad Pro 2018 case review and find out if it is the best alternative to the Apple folio.

MoKo iPad Pro 2018 case review quick facts

  • PU plastic cover: The Charge 3’s responsive screen is 40 per cent bigger than the Charge 2 and is a lot more responsive when using the touchscreen.
  • Microfibre protection inside: Charge 3 has a new design and feels less blocky.
  • Magnetic attachment: Offers the same magnetic connection as the Apple Folio iPad Pro case.
  • Sleep and wake function: The case offers sleep and wake using the front cover.
  • Apple pencil: Case supports Apple pencil and charging
  • Price: Ranges between £13/$15 for the iPad Pro 11 and £19/$25 for the iPad Pro 12.9.

Moko iPad Pro 2018 case review in pictures

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When the order was placed for the Moko iPad Pro case for the 2018 model, I was a little sceptical given its low price comparing that to the official Apple iPad Pro folio case.

However, the case gave no disappointment on first impressions. The MoKo case is made of PU silicone plastic that features on the outside of the case that does not add much bulk to the iPad Pro.

On the inside of the case, you get the microfibre cloth to protect the iPad Pro. The microfibre protection is very similar to what you find on the iPad Pro Folio case.

I opted for the space grey version of the Moko iPad 2018 case, however, you can get other colours like Black, Blue and red and I am sure more are to come later in 2019.

The case features a cut out for the camera and this perfectly placed with no sharp points as you would expect from a case of this price.

Looking around the rest of the case it is finished to a reasonable standard with no sharp edges if anything it is on par with the official Apple case and even includes support for the Apple pencil charging.

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Using the Moko iPad Pro case

You attach the Moko 2018 case to the iPad Pro 11 using magnetic on the back just like the official iPad pro case. The connection is very strong and when the iPad Pro was held up just by the case it didn’t budge.Moko iPad Pro 2018 case magnet

The case is a folio design offering protection to the front and back, but it does not offer any protection to the top, button and the Apple pencil charging area of the iPad Pro and this may be a worry for some.

Because the Moko iPad Pro 2018 case is a folio design you have easy access to all the ports buttons, ports and speakers with no problem.

Lifting the front cover of the MoKo Folio case will wake the screen and closing it will put the iPad Pro screen to sleep. In the past, I have had issues using third-party cases, but after a month of use all seems in order.

The front cover can also be folded to stand the iPad Pro into 2 positions, the first being an upright position for watching films or use with a keyboard and the other is a flat position and this used for typing.

The Moko case also features the ability to attach the new Apple Pencil gen 2 magnetically and supports charging. When searching for iPad Pro 11 cases this was a common complaint on Amazon reviews of other cases.

After a month of using the Moko iPad Pro 2018 case

One of the initial concerns about the case was the durability given the low price point and so far after a month of use, the case is holding up well with very little scratches.

The magnetics are still holding strong and the wake and sleep function is working as expected.

Thank you for reading the Moko iPad Pro 2018 case review and if you have a comment or question then leave it below.

MoKo Smart Folio Case Fit iPad Pro 12.9' 2018...
448 Reviews
MoKo Smart Folio Case Fit iPad Pro 12.9" 2018...
  • Automatically wakes or puts iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 2018 New Released to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. Easy access to all features and controls. ♦♦Note: DO NOT compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 2017&2015 models.♦♦
  • Supports the Pencil attaches your iPad Pro magnetically to pair and charge without taking off the case.

Don’t forget if you decide to buy a Moko iPad Pro 2018 case then you can use the links from this website as it helps to keep things ticking along at no extra cost to you, but of course, don’t feel like you have to either…

Moko iPad Pro 2018 sleep and wake
The Moko iPad Pro 2018 case review – The best alternative to the Apple Folio
MoKo iPad Pro case review
The MoKo iPad Pro 2018 case is a great option if you like the Apple folio case, but on the hunt for a bargain.

The functions and features are identical along with the design and fit are excellent.

This is a great iPad Pro 2018 case and something I will continue to use.

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