Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 – 5 reasons to buy it

Tag Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer has been creating luxury timepieces since 1860, in that time a lot has changed. The luxury Swiss watch manufacturer launched its first connected arm-wear in 2015 and since then has been working on its successor.

At a launch event near Switzerland’s Rütli Meadow the firm’s CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, unveiled the Connected Modular 45. On sale today, the watch is water-resistant to 50 metres, features GPS, NFC, comes with the latest version of Android Wear and is possibly the most customisable watch ever created.

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There have been a few connected watches which were ‘assembled in Switzerland’, but the Connected Modular 45 is the first to achieve a ‘Swiss Made’ certification.

This is because the new watch incorporates many traditional watchmaking techniques. It denotes a certain attention to detail, rigour and accuracy, and guarantees the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking quality.

Tag Heuer Connected – Its very module

The problem with most smartwatches is that they’re not very personal. The TAG Heuer Connected changes that with a high level of modularity, with the TAG Heuer Connected Studio online.

There will be over 4000 unique configurations. In fact, As mentioned, it’s not just the watch modules that are interchangeable. It’s pretty much every part of the watch, including the straps, buckles and lugs. The core Connected Modular 45 range consists of 11 different designs; the watch module comes in either silver or black, while the straps are available in rubber, leather, titanium or ceramic, and in a slew of different colors. If that’s not enough, TAG Heuer offers 45 additional options, some of which include premium materials like patent leather, rose gold and even diamonds. That amounts to a grand total of 56 different designs and, according to the company, over 500 different design combinations.

Tag Heuer connected modular screen

Tag Heuer connected Modular 45 is developed in partnership with Google and Intel, but is Swiss made

Just like with the original Connected, TAG has worked closely with Intel and Google to develop this timepiece, combining the knowledge and experience from these three companies.

The watch is powered by an Intel Atom Z34XX processor (yep, bet you’re glad TAG wasn’t in charge of designing a CPU) and which should be nice and snappy.

The Connected Modular 45 is the first to achieve a ‘Swiss Made’ certification.  This is because the new watch incorporates many traditional watchmaking techniques. It denotes a certain attention to detail, rigour and accuracy, and guarantees the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking quality.

It also has 4GB storage, Wi-Fi and GPS and the motherboard is made in Switzerland to give its “Swiss made” stamp. Tag Heuer are also saying due to the wifi onboard it will be semi-idenpendant of a phone and when in range of connected wifi it will still receive information.

It’ll run Android Wear 2.0, which leads me onto…

Tag Heuer connected modular 45 swiss made
Tag Heuer connected Modular will run Android Wear 2.0 and works better with iPhones

The Connected Modular 45 will come packing Android Wear 2.0, the latest and greatest version of Google’s wearable OS.

The biggest improvements in Wear 2.0 include the ability to run standalone apps, Google Assistant, an improved UI, and watch face complications.

It will work better with iPhone’s, this is the biggest draw back I found when using the last version. It will have the ability to download and run third party apps, which were previously unavailable.

Tag Heuer have confirmed since the launch that the previous edition will also benefit from an upgrade to Andriod wear 2.0

Tag Heuer Modular connected 45
Tag Heuer connected Modular has a stunning screen

The dull, low-resolution screen was one of the most disappointing aspects of the first Connected, so I am really excited to see an upgraded display on the second version.  It has a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a 400 x 400 pixel resolution, which is a lot sharper than the transflective LCD on its predecessor. It’s covered in 2.5mm sapphire crystal glass and the entire thing is encased in titanium. And, of course, it also comes with a few different TAG Heuer designed watchfaces and in addition to this the company has developed 30 watch dials that can be set on the watch’s main screen.

Whilst the screen is touch enabled Tag Heuer have enabled the dial on the watch to allow you to scroll through screens and interact with the various menus

Tag Heuer connected Modular has 24 hours of battery life

TAG Heuer claims the Connected will feature a 410 mAh battery providing over 24 active hours of power”.

Now this is not bad for a screen like featured in this watch and is on par with the Apple Watch series 2

Tag Heuer connected pricing

In keeping with TAG’s brand, the Connected Modular 45 is a luxury item that has a starting price of £1,400. Modifications will be priced separately, making it an expensive device. It’s available now, and Jean Claude Biver also announced a smaller, unisex model will be released in October, measuring 39.5mm.

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