Tado Smart heating V3, The subscription service explained?

tado smart heating subscription and how to get lifetime access.

tado the smart heating product company launched the next generation of smart thermostats dubbed the V3+ back at the IFA Berlin along with a new app, Air Comfort monitoring and Tado skills that bring great insight into your home environment.

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So whilst the service and app have received got a major overall, users are left confused if you get these new features without paying the subscription and the simple answer is yes, if you choose to subscribe, you get the tado auto-assist features.

So read on for a full low down on the new tado v3+ features as standard and what the subscriptuon really means, along with how to get lifetime access for one payment.

tado heating v3 features as standardtado v3 free features

As mentioned the tado service has received an upgrade to v3+ and if you buy the v3+ of the Tado smart heating product then you get all these features as standard and these are called tado Skills in a newly released app.


The app will alert you if no one is at home and prompt you to switch to away mode to set your predetermined temperature, or if you heading home it will warm the home for you.

Smart schedule

tado will ask you sleep times, temperatures whilst home and settings for when you are home and it will smartly schedule your heating.

Open window detection

tado will monitor for a sudden drop in temperatures and uses this information to determine if you have open windows. If tado detects an open window, the app will send you a push notification to turn the heating off to save energy.


The tado app will provide you with insight into your home, humidity, weather and even when windows were opened.

Air Comfort

This is the new feature and is one that is really interesting by providing you insight into your home environment along with when to ventilate rooms, based on things like air freshness and quality, weather forecasts and pollution.

tado smart heating automation subscriptiontado auto assist subscription

The feature list is pretty good, but all of them need some user interaction. So for instance, if you leave the home, you will get a push notification if you want to turn the heating down and you will need to take action in order for anything to happen and if you don’t, then the heating will stay on.

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However, If you want to be more hands-off then you can subscribe to the Auto-Assist skill for £2.99 (roughly $3.90/AU$5.40) per month or £24.99 (around $32/AU$45) per year to give you automation of some of the key features, so let’s take a look at them.

Auto-assist geofencing

Everybody has left home, tado° has set your heating automatically to Away Mode automatic.
Auto-assist open window detection
If an open window has been detected in the home. tado turns the heating automatically off for 15 minutes to save energy.
So for the £2.99, you get 2 automated features added to the v3 of the app.

What’s the deal for existing customers

Existing customers on v2 of the Tado product can choose to upgrade to the new V3+ app and its new features via an in-app upgrade (which will be available later this year) for a one-time fee of £19.99. By upgrading existing customers will get all the new Skills such as Geofencing and Open-Window-Detection and will be all fully automated for life.

Shall I get a Tado subscription or not

Should you take the subscription with Tado or just stick with the app notifications? Well, my personal view is that if you want to forget about having to turn off the heating when you leave or when you open a window, then it could be for you.

However, the biggest advice I can offer if you have not bought a tado smart heating produce yet is to try and get hold of a v2 product, then pay for the v3 app upgrade as it would appear you get the all the new features but lifetime access to the Auto-assist features.

So that’s it, hope you now understand the new v3 features and what the new tado subscription model is all about. if you have any questions please leave them below.

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