Suunto has finally listened to its customers and rolled out an update to its Spartan line of fitness watches, that will bring heart rate zones for the first time.

The update from Suunto to its Spartan range of sports watches will enable the user to be able to check your current intensity level with just a quick glance. While exercising, you can see in real-time how long you have spent in each HR zone and how many beats you have in reserve until you move on to the next. After the exercise, a breakdown of the time in each zone is displayed in the summary.

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As with most sports watch like Garmin, this has been a standard feature for some time, but this is s welcome move by Suunto and one I am looking forward to testing out. The HR zones will be set to default, but you can customise them to match your own heart rate profile

suunto spartan HR zones update

Training with HR zones is a great way to improve your training and it’s one if done correctly can improve your overall fitness and enhance your training plans. Suunto said,  software update will be rolled out in phases, starting from January 18th and will be distributed to the entire Spartan range by Monday, January 22nd. So if you have a Suunto Spartan, then get your device plugged into a computer and get updating to add the new Heart rate feature

suunto spartan trainer wrist HRAs always let me know what you think to the new software update from Suunto that brings Heart rate zones and how you have found use them.


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