Suunto has announced the Fitness 3 at CES 2018. The Suunto Fitness 3 is the company’s latest fitness watch that’s all about building training plans that adapt based on how much you work out and effort you put in

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The design of the Fitness 3 is taken from the Suunto’s Spartan Trainer fitness watch with the option of gold or black-plated stainless steel bezels and buttons. There’s five models options; gold, ocean, sakura, all black, and gold and all black.

Suunto fitness 3 no GPSNo GPS for the Suunto Fitness 3

The Fitness 3 does not feature GPS, with walking and running set to be tracked using the built-in accelerometer to deliver speed, pace and distance details. but it can track running, swimming, cycling and gym training with its built-in sports profiles

Suunto has included an optical Heart rate monitor on the back, but it can also be paired with an external Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Fitness 3 gets adaptive training plans

Whilst the Fitness 3 does not feature GPS the big feature that is being announced is the training mode on the new fitness watch. You’ll be able to build seven-day training plans based on your current fitness level and exercise history. If you happen to miss a session down in your plan or you end up working out more than you were supposed to, the training plan will adjust accordingly.

Suunto adaptive training plans

Suunto Fitness 3 pricing and release date

The Suunto Fitness 3 will be priced at £229 (approximately $270 for the gold and all black version, with the black, ocean and sakura models available for €199 (approximately $237). Suunto have not released when the Fitness 3 will be available, but check back for further updates

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