Strava Storyteller is a new add-on that will let you write stories about your ride, including maps and videos

Strava has been steadily growing and developing for years, and there’s now an add-on that will let you write stories about your rides.

The web based app is called Strava Storyteller, and it’s definitely one for the Strava athletes in your riding group.


Strava Storyteller web app

The idea, according to developers, is to try and enhance the social side of Strava. They claim that the most popular rides are the ones with a personal twist.

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How did you get up that climb? How cold was it really in that blizzard? You know your followers really want to know, and now you can tell them.

What’s more, Strava Storytellers can give additional information out about their rides, helping others complete those routes.

To use it, you pick your activity and then it automatically imports your maps and photos. You can then put fingers to keys and create your literary masterpiece.

It then adds a link automatically to your Strava account.

It’s certainly a novel idea, but whether your mates read your masterpieces is a different matter.


Tour de Yorkshire 2017 stage 1 map

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