Strava app updated for Apple Watch 2 GPS

Strava and Apple watch 2 update

Got the latest Apple Watch 2? You’ll want to be downloading the new Stava app then, which has been updated for Apple’s latest device.

The Strava app makes full use of the Watch’s built-in GPS so you can monitor your speed and distance, as well as heart rate using the sensor on the back of the watch. It does all that without needing to be connected to a smartphone so you can save the battery on that for Instagramming and make phone calls.


Strava apple watch app

Strava continuing to support Apple Watch

“Research and athlete feedback often drives new Strava features and integrations,” said Mateo Ortega, Head of Integration for Strava. “We’re excited to add to our growing list of compatible devices and see this as the first step in providing our athletes with an excellent Strava experience on the Apple Watch Series 2. Our athletes can look forward to continued updates as we strive to provide the best Watch experience possible.”

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If you’re already using Strava on your Apple Watch, the device will automatically update to the latest version. It’s available now in the iOS app store as a free download. (link is external)

The Strava app is also available on that other wearable tech platform, Android Wear 2.0, which was announced earlier this month

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