Soma Tilt coming to Control Your Venetian Blinds

Control your Venetian blinds with Soma Tilt

Soma, which already ships HomeKit-compatible blind systems, is introducing a new product for consumers with Venetian blinds called the Soma Tilt. The New tilt blind system will allow the user to change the angle of the existing Venetian blind.

Some already sell Smart Shades controllers that retrofits to all blinds and shades with continuous cord loops or bead chains and the Soma Tilt will work with the existing smart control systems.

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According to the company, installing SOMA Tilt motor to your current blinds takes 3 minutes, with no tools required. The Soma Tilt smart blind system will work by removing your existing blind rod and replacing it with the Tilt attachment.Soma Tilt smart venetian blinds

The automation kit comes with a USB charging cord and a solar panel that will ensure you never have to worry about charging.

Smarter blinds with tilt

Controlling the Soma Tilt is done via the Soma app which can be downloaded via the Google and Apple App stores. The App gives you options to control the blinds and set triggers based on time of day.

The Soma Tilt will work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, but you will need the Soma Connect for it to talk to those services which will add additional cost.

Soma Tilt first impressions

It is great to see an option that you can use with Venetian blinds to open and close the slats and overall it looks like a very simple solution.

However, I can’t get my mind away from the fact of how expensive the offering from Soma can get when you take into account the Venetian blind cost, the Soma tilt and if you want HomeKit support then cost can easily be over £300 and that is just to tilt them!

Pricing and availability

Pricing for the blinds starts at £129/$149 for one Soma Tilt and all the way up to £357/$397 which includes 2 Soma Tilt and a Soma Connect which allows integration into smart home services.

The Soma Tilt is available for pre-order now via the website and will start shipping in 90 days.

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