Saturday, February 23, 2019

Smart home

Smart home, news, reviews and rumours for anything that is a Smart home. Products are appearing all the time from Apple, Amazon, Google, Philips, Hive and more.

The smart home space is booming with products like Google Home, HomePod and smart lighting from Philips Hue and robots from Neato. Active JR will keep you up to date with all the latest smart home news and reviews.

Hive Home & HomeKit

Hive Home HomeKit support, well sort of, Hey Siri Shortcuts

Hive HomeKit support via Siri shortcuts Hive Home has now been around for a few years starting with its Hive heating product and now expanded to lights, switches and smart cameras. But the most requested...
Google Home smart home

Google Home app for iOS updated with better support for smart devices

Google released an update to the Google Home app for iOS to better support smart home devices bringing them into one easy to access simple view, alongside the unveiling a new Google Home Hub yesterday.With the...
Amazon Echo smart home devices

Amazon entering the smart home market with new devices

Amazon Smart home expanded Amazon has announced a major update to its lineup of Echo and Alexa products with the introduction of new devices which clearly shows a strong desire to enter the smart home...
HomePod not selling

HomePod can make calls, timers, improved Siri

At the end of the Apple Event today which introduced the new iPhone and the Apple Watch, the company also announced new features for the HomePod home smart speaker which brings improvements to Siri...
Ikea tradfri smart plug

Ikea smart plugs coming in October to the Tradfri HomeKit range

Ikea has already launched there smart home lighting offering in the Tradfri product and now they look like to be releasing the Tradfri smart plug based on recent leaks of the Ikea smart plugs on the company's website.According to...
Eve Room Gen 2

Eve Systems sets the released date for Eve Room Gen 2

Eve Room Gen 2 releaseEve Systems has unveiled its second-generation Eve Room indoor climate and air quality monitor with Apple HomeKit support that was first announced at CES 2018 and is now coming to retail channels this...
Philips hue outdoor light strip

Philips Hue light strip to work outdoors

Philips has a new outdoor version of its smart LightStrip coming soon based on a leak by the company itself. The new Philips Hue product will be named the Outdoor LightStrip, the product appeared...

Belkin Wemo Mini updated with HomeKit support

Belkin has released the Wemo bridge to add support for HomeKit and now the company has updated the Wemo Mini smart plug with Apple HomeKit support, no bridge or hub required to pair itSince Belkin released...
Eve Systems

Elgato is now Eve systems focusing on HomeKit

The developer behind numerous Homekit smart home products, Elgato Systems, announced today that it will rebrand itself as Eve Systems with a focus to continuing to develop Apple HomeKit smart home accessories.Eve makes loads of HomeKit compatible hardware including...
Netatmo Presence review

Netatmo Presence review: Solid smart security camera

Netatmo Presence Review Netatmo is well known for its smart home thermostats, but they also do a line of home security products and in this article, I will be reviewing the Netatmo Presence smart security camera. So...

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