HomeKit secure video guide

HomeKit Secure Video guide, iCloud plans, cameras, how it works

HomeKit Secure Video is coming later this year when Apple releases iOS 13 and like me you are excited for it will bring. However,...
Icons HomeKit

Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit secure Video support is officially coming

According to a post in the Logitech community forums by an official spokesperson, it looks like the Circle 2 will support HomeKit Secure Video...
IKEA SMART blinds release

IKEA smart blinds to launch in Europe in August, US in October

IKEA has finally confirmed the launch of the delayed smart blinds both for Europe and the US. The smart motorised blinds will hit Europe...
iOS 13 HomeKit whats new

HomeKit in iOS 13 hands on opinion – what’s new

Apple has released iOS 13 to developers with a significant update to Homekit in terms of functionality and app improvements. I have spent the...
IKEA SMART blinds release

IKEA smart shades to launch in August

While the date of the IKEA smart shades has been a moving event. It now appears IKEA has officially confirmed the launch date of...
Belkin Wemo 3 way light switch HomeKit

Belkins Wemo 3-way light switch with HomeKit available to purchase

Belkin's Wemo 3-Way Smart Light Switch with Apple HomeKit support is now available to purchase.The Wemo Smart Light Switch uses your existing home WiFi...
Netamo smart doorbell HomeKit Secure video

Netatmo smart video doorbell will support HomeKit Secure video at launch

Following Apple's announcement regarding HomeKit Secure Video coming later this year. Netatmo has officially confirmed that its upcoming Smart Video Doorbell will be compatible...
HomeKit iOS 13 at WWDC

Apple announces HomeKit secure video and router support at WWDC

Announced today at WWDC, Apple is adding improved support for security cameras and routers in HomeKit as part its iOS 13 update. While many users...
Philips Hue smart plug with HomeKit

Philips Hue smart plug and new bulbs to arrive later in 2019

According to website iCulture.NL, Philips Hue will introduce a series of new products later in 2019. The standout products are the Philips Hue smart...
Savant Thermostat with homeKit

Savant Introduce Homekit Enabled Smart Thermostat

Savant has today introduced the SmartStat, an HomeKit compatible smart thermostat. The thermostat features Wifi and Bluetooth will work as a standalone heating control...

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