Smart home

Smart home, news, reviews and rumours for anything that is a Smart home. Products are appearing all the time from Apple, Amazon, Google, Philips, Hive and more.

The smart home space is booming with products like Google Home, HomePod and smart lighting from Philips Hue and robots from Neato. Active JR will keep you up to date with all the latest smart home news and reviews.

IKEA smart blinds with HomeKit

Ikea Smart blinds HomeKit support delayed

Since news of the IKEA smart blinds emerged at the start of the year. The company said the blinds would support HomeKit through its...
IKEA SMART blinds release

IKEA smart blinds appear on Sweden online store

FYRTUR & KADRILJ blinds online via Sweden store It looks like Ikea is gearing up for the release of the FYRTUR  & KADRILJ smart blinds...
Aqara Motion Sensor review

Aqara motion sensor review – Cheap, reliable HomeKit motion sensor

Aqara Motion sensor review When anyone mentions cheap, china and electronics you will automatically think rubbish. However, Aqara, the smart home company has been making...
Tado thermostat V3+ review

Tado Smart thermostat V3+ review – updated version for 2019

Tado thermostat V3+ review Tado has been a name in the smart home heating space for sometime now along with Nest and Hive. The smart...
LG HomeKit and AirPlay 2 TV

LG to launched AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support 25 July

LG will roll out an update to its 2019 AI TV lineup that will bring Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit starting July 25  These...
Aqara smoke detector

Aqara to release smart smoke detectors and VOC sensors

According to a tip received by HomeKitNews, it looks like Aqara the smart home company will release a smoke detector along with a VOC...
IKEA Home Smart light

Ikea adds to Tradfri HomeKit with new sensor, spot light, bulbs

Ikea is continuing its TRADFRI Home Smart expansion by adding new smart bulbs, spot lights, Motion sensors and light panels.. The update to the...
IKEA smart blind battery

Ikea smart blind battery appearing in stores in Europe

The BRAUNIT battery pack for the forthcoming Ikea Smart Blinds is now on sale in Germany, UK and Ireland. While this battery also supports...
Nanoleaf Canvas review on a wall

Nanoleaf Canvas review – Smart lighting a little different

Nanoleaf Canvas Review Smart lighting is typically a first purchase for a smart home buyer, but the Nanoleaf Canvas is not your typical smart lighting....
OSRAM Smart Plug deal

OSRAM Smart+ Plug HomeKit compatible – Deal of the day

Amazon has the HomeKit compatible Osram Smart+ plug Osram on special offer in the UK at the moment. Its normal price is £34.99, but...

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