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Smart home, news, reviews and rumours for anything that is a Smart home. Products are appearing all the time from Apple, Amazon, Google, Philips, Hive and more.

The smart home space is booming with products like Google Home, HomePod and smart lighting from Philips Hue and robots from Neato. Active JR will keep you up to date with all the latest smart home news and reviews.

Ikea smart blinds frame design

Ikea smart blinds start appearing in US stores

Following an announcement 2 weeks ago of a delay, it would appear that the Ikea smart blinds are appearing in selected US stores. While...
Aqara Hub HomeKit update

Aqara updates its hub to V1.6.6

Aqara has today issued a firmware update its HomeKit hub taking it to version 1.66. The update itself appears to be bug fixes and...
IKEA Smart Blinds HomeKit support

Ikea smart blinds get HomeKit support via Home Assistant update

When Ikea first announced the FYRTUR and KADRILJ blinds, it singled affordable HomeKit smart blinds was coming to the masses. But dreams (mine included)...
IKEA SMART blinds US release

Ikea delay the US smart blinds release, yes again

After months of waiting and confirmation for the US release of the Smart blinds. Ikea has confirmed to The Verge that its smart blinds...
HomeKit secure video guide

First look at HomeKit Secure Video leaked

Back at WWDC Apple showed off HomeKit Secure Video was to come with iOS 13 to view and manage footage from smart security cameras....
Home App split accessories in iOS 13

Update to HomeKit allows splitting of accessories in iOS 13.2 beta

Since Apple made iOS 13 Beta available in the summer, users have been complaining of the way they had grouped accessories with multiple sensors...
Lightwave smart mini relay controller

Lightwave to Release Smart Relay Controller

Smart home lighting and socket manufacturer Lightwave has announced a Smart Relay Controller. The new smart product will allow users to remote control of...
Philips Hue new smart products

Signify announce new Philips Hue smart plug, Filament bulbs and Button

Signify has added their first smart plug to its Hue range, along with the Philips Hue Button, Filament bulbs and new Go lamp. The new...
phyn smart water assistant

Belkin’s Phyn smart water assistant can monitor usage and leaks

Belkin has announced a new Phyn Smart Water Assistant. The unit can help home owners conserve water, avoid trouble, and save money by monitoring...
IKEA smart blinds with HomeKit

Ikea Smart blinds HomeKit support delayed

Since news of the IKEA smart blinds emerged at the start of the year. The company said the blinds would support HomeKit through its...

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