Signify announce new Philips Hue smart plug, Filament bulbs and Button

Signify has added their first smart plug to its Hue range, along with the Philips Hue Button, Filament bulbs and new Go lamp. The new Hue products will support Zigbee and Bluetooth, which means you can use them with or without the hub.

It was this time last year, Signify (Philips at the time) announced the outdoor range of Philips Hue products. Now it’s time again for Hue to get some new smart home devices into the range.

Philips Hue Smart PlugPhilips Hue smart plug

Signify plan to release a North American variant, along with a UK and EU versions. The Hue smart plug will use Zigbee to connect to the Hue Bridge and Bluetooth that just works with the App. Connect any device to the Smart plug and add it to your Philips Hue setup,  switching it on or off as you would control any other light using the Philips Hue app or smart home platform such as HomeKit.

The smart plug is due out in October, with a price tag of 29.95 EUR, in United Kingdom for 29,95GBP, North-America 39.95 USD and 60 AUD in Australia/New Zealand. But with other smart plugs coming in at a lower price, it will face stiff competition.

Philips Hue ButtonPhilips hue smart button

With the Philips Hue Smart button, you can in a single press control your Hue lights. When connected to the Philips Hue bridge, you can configure it so it turns your lights to a preset white shade and brightness adapted to the time of day: in the morning, one touch will turn your lights to cool tones and in the evening on touch will trigger warmer light settings.  With a magnetic back side and its adhesive mini mount, you can place it wherever you need it. It also includes a larger backplate with the same dimension as your standard single gang wall switch, making it a smart replacement for your existing wall switch!

The Philips Hue Smart button is available in Europe for 19.95 EUR, in United Kingdom for 17.95GBP and North-America for 19.95 USD.

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The Hue Go portable smart lampPhilips Hue Portable smart lamp

The Philips Hue Go is a portable smart lamp offering coloured smart light, including pre-set light recipes and scenes — and it now features Bluetooth capability, meaning you can control it with the free Hue Bluetooth app or your voice via selected smart home assistants. Keeping its signature design, the upgraded Hue Go also features an improved battery life, meaning you can now bring it with you anywhere you like for an even longer time.

The Philips Hue Go is available from October in Europe, US and Canada for 79.95EUR / 69.99 GBP / 79.99 USD.

The Filament bulbPhilips Hue new smart products

With a design reminiscent of traditional, incandescent Edison-style bulbs, the smart LED lights allow you create the perfect setting. Effortlessly set the mood in a room with the collection’s warm white light (2100K, 550 lumens) and installation-free wireless dimming. The bulbs’ beautiful shapes with their amber coating add elegance and style to any room — whether they are on or off.

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The Philips Hue Filament collection includes three form factors: the traditional A19/A60 light bulb shape ($24.99/€19.95), ST19/ST64 tube ($27.99/€24.95) and G25/G93 globe ($32.99/€29.95). The portfolio is available in Europe as of today and in North America in October 2019.

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