Savant Introduce Homekit Enabled Smart Thermostat

Savant has today introduced the SmartStat, an HomeKit compatible smart thermostat. The thermostat features Wifi and Bluetooth will work as a standalone heating control solution.

The Savant SmartStat features a high-resolution colour glass touch screen. all built into an attractive form factor. You install and configure it out of the box using Savant’s standalone Climate app.

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The SmartStat features a touch screen allowing users to access preset climate “scenes” such as a holiday or summer modes. You will also be able to access local weather and forecast data based on geolocation.

According to Savant, the SmartStat is so easy to operate with single set points for room temperature. Users can create multiple schedules based on time of day or day of the week or day of the year to suit lifestyle preferences as seasons change. Savant Thermostat app

The Savant SmartStat is compatible with both standard and heat pump-based HVAC systems and can be connected to both 10K and 1-wire bus sensors.

HomeKit Functionality

With Apple HomeKit compatibility, users can control Savant’s SmartStat with the Apple Home app and through Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or HomePod. Using the Home app or Siri, users will trigger a scene, manage climate scheduling or raise/lower temperature or by saying “Hey Siri, make it warmer/colder”.

Savant has not confirmed the Pricing and availability of the SmartStat. But we will keep you updated with the details.

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