Samsung took every by surprise by announcing the Samsung Gear Sport and this has left people asking when will the Samsung Gear S4 release. Whilst Samsung may have missed a trick by not releasing the Gear S4 I don’t personally think this is a massive issue given the choices already available from Samsung for Smartwatches.

Consumers have plenty of choice with the Gear S3, the Gear Sport and not to mention the new Gear Fit2 Pro, So if you are looking for a new Samsung Smartwatch then you have plenty to chose from.

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Samsung Gear S4 rumour details

• What is it? Its the Samsungs smartwatch the Gear S4

• When is it out? Leaks suggest late 2018, but maybe even sooner

• What will it cost? Gear S4 price could be around £399 or $399

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Samsung gear s4 release date

Samsung Gear S4 release date

Samsung’sGear S3 smartwatches were announced at the end of August before going on sale in November, so its still we see the Gear S4 announced at IFA 2018 in September. But because the Gear Sport was released only just last month, we could potentially see a launch happen in February 2018

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Samsung Gear S4 price

The Samsung Gear 3 is priced at around £349/$399 and I expect the Samsung Gear S4 to be priced around the same price. Samsung has also just released the Gear Sport at £299, so given the expecting features, we could see a price increase.

Samsung gear s4 price

Samsung Gear S4 design

With the Samsung Gear S4 release not yet announced, I have been watching the leaks and various different patents being applied for and below I will go through my thoughts on the design of the Gear S4…. When it’s released

With the Gear S3 still being the flagship device for and the Gear sport being the latest smartwatch from Samsung, I am predicting a size somewhere in the middle in terms of size and weight.

Samsung has launched many smartphones with a curved design, but will the S4 be next in line to get the same design? A patent filed suggests that this could be the case. I am not sure a curved design would be an ideal design, but we will have to see on the final design.

You should always take patents with a pinch of salt, largely because many ideas end up getting dumped, but Samsung has showcased this kind of design before and is clearly a fan of the idea.

Samsung gear s4 design

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Samsung Gear S4 features

The current Gear s3 is pack with features and I expected lots of them to feature on the Samsung Gear S4 when its announced later in 2018, so here are my thoughts on the new features we should see


The voice assistant from Samsung was launched along with the Samsung S8 devices this year and I was personally expecting to see it on the Gear Sport, but it didn’t happen. So this feature is one I expect to see when the Gear S4 is released.

Better health & fitness support

Whilst Samsung has made great progress in the health features on the Samsung wearables, I expect Samsung to bring major health and fitness updates especially given Apple has made strides in this area. I also expect Samsung to include a new heart rate sensor and this I suspect will be the red LED sensors.


Samsung gear s4 mobile charging

Charging through the phone

Now this one is an out their prediction, but given that wearables makers are struggling with battery life and smartwatches are face this challenge more than any device. A recent patent the Gear S4 could make use of a smartphone in to charge the device.

The device could be charged by a smartphone case simply by resting on top. The case would use a USB-C port to take power from a phone that, in turn, would provide power to the smartwatch using a hidden coil, just by touching it to a conductive plate on the case.

So what do you think about the Samsung Gear S4 release ? leave it in the comments below


  1. Unless they fix the GPS lock on the watch, it is useless for fitness. I loved the watch, but sold it because of that glitch. When I ran I would love 1-2 tenths of a mile when I started as it doesn’t start looking for GPS until you start. Others like Garmin let you lock GPS before starting. I even tried to pause the activity after starting but when you pause it turns GPS off, so you have the same problem all over again. I found this out doing long bike rides where I would stop every 15 miles or so for a refills. I would love 1-3 tenths of a mile restarting each time… poor poor poor.

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