Samsung Gear Fit2 pro specs leaked by Samsung

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro revealed including specs

Samsung has accidentally released the Samsung Gear Fit2 pro via its own website, well at least in in Spain and Malaysia before it was the page was promptly pulled. Before Samsung pulled the pages, GSM arena managed to capture the spec’s.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro available in 2 colours

The Samsung Gear Fit2 pro will only be available in two colours, which is either red or black with either a small or large band. At 30g. It features a 1.5-inch, 216 x 432 resolution curved AMOLED display, which is same as the Gear Fit2.

Samsung gear Fit2 pro band

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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro software and Spotify confirmed.

Tizen will be the OS that runs the watch with access to up to 3,000 apps including Spotify, However, something that is not clear is if the Spotify app will allow for offline playback like you can with the Gear 3

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The Gear Fit2 Pro will feature a 200mAh capacity battery that should typically get you 3-4 days of use out of it. However, when using it for a long run expect the battery life to last around 6 -8 hours which all the apps and GPS running or even less with Spotify playing in the background

Samsung gear Fit2 pro on the wrist

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro waterproof, GPS, heart rate sensors included

According to the specs on the Samsung website the Gear Fit2 will waterproof to 5ATM. Samsung is also making it more swim-friendly thanks to an app developed by Speedo for the device to record stats, which can be reviewed on the wearable after your session.

Samsung gear Fit2 pro waterproof

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You will also get an accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensors, plus there’s GPS and GLONASS support to accurately map your runs and rides. It will also have a range of sports profiles and have continuous heart rate monitoring.

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Samsung Gear Fit2 release date and price

I suspect that the Gear Fit2 Pro will either be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event or it could feature at the IFA Berlin.  I suspect the pricing will be around $199.99 dollars and around 1£60 GBP in the UK.

Edit – according to Evan Blass and this picture the price is spot on at $199.99

Samsung gear fit2 pricing

I don’t think this wearable is that ground breaking and it adds another device to an already crowded fitness tech and wearable market. To add to this with the likes of Fitbit rumored to be launching the smartwatch later this year and Garmin launching the Vivosmart 3 then the Gear Fit2 pro could quickly forget about.

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