Ring promises HomeKit support, again – But is it to late

Ring has confirmed that HomeKit support will be coming to the Ring Pro Doorbell, but is it just another empty promise and a reaction to the Netatmo Smart Doorbell announcement with HomeKit support?

Previously in 2016 Ring had promised HomeKit support for its smart security products including the Ring Pro, but as of 2019 they have failed to deliver despite replies twitter saying its “coming soon” leaving many Ring users frustrated.

When is Ring HomeKit support coming?

However, a tweet from Ring on the 8th January 2018 gives new hope that HomeKit support is coming to Ring Pro. However what this tweet does not give is any date or timeline, but adds further to the empty promises from Ring since 2016.Ring HomeKit tweet

Whilst I do hope that Ring comes through with its promise of HomeKit support for its user base that has been asking for years for them to support the Apple Smart home ecosystem, I can’t help think this is another empty promise by Ring marketing in response to the Netatmo Smart Doorbell that will support HomeKit and others announced at CES 2019.

So whilst the postion is not clear on HomeKit support for Ring products, what is clear is that the Ring twitter and marketing teams are still hopeful that HomeKit support will not arrive.

As always keep checking back on the latest information about Ring HomeKit support and if I hear anything, then it will be posted right here.

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