Cycling Kit Reviews

Cycling kit reviews for everything cycling kit related We bring you buyers guides from cycling gear, fitness trackers, GPS watches from brands such as Garmin, Suuntoo, Fitbit, TomTom, Polar and many more. The Cycling kit market is getting more complex with more choice and options. These reviews will help you decide on the best Cycling gear that will suit your lifestyle and fitness abilities

Lumos Helmet review

Lumos helmet review, smart cycling safety

Lumos smart helmet review The Lumos smart helmet takes cycling safety to an all new level with integrated front and rear lights to help you be...

B’TWIN 300 waterproof cycling jacket

B'TWIN 300 waterproof cycling jacket My first thoughts about this waterproof cycling jacket was tainted by the low price, at 11.99 I was thinking how could...
dhb overshoe being worn by a cyclist

dhb Neoprene Nylon Overshoe review

My first impressions was all positive about the dhb overshoe and the quick service from Wiggle really helped with that impression. They came packaged...

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