Polar Ignite promises to help you train smarter

Polar is adding to its wearable line with the Ignite, a GPS sports watch helps you train smarter. The Polar Ignite$229.95/£179 GPS fitness watch introduces new sleep analytics and fitness guidance features to support better training.

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Polar Ignite comes with both GPS and heart-rate tracking, and the ability to track data across over 100 sports, including swimming. The new fitness wearable includes Polar’s new Precision Prime optical heart rate monitor and a battery life of up to 5 days.

The Ignite is waterproof to 30 meters, but I would not recommend taking it scuba diving. You can also swop the wristbands out for other colours available from Polar.Polar Ignite

Polar has gone with a touchscreen for the Ignite. they have also reduced the buttons to 1 from Polar’s usual five buttons layout. In my experience, using a fiddly touchscreen rarely mixes well with sweaty works, so I look forward to testing it out in the full Polar Ignite review.

Polar Ignite smart training features

Polar has introduced autonomic nervous system calculation. Which Polar calculates a score by combining resting heart rate, heart rate variability and respiration rate to determine the users ANS score.

Another new feature is Sleep Plus Stages. Which will generate a sleep score to give users insight into sleep.

The Ignite also includes a feature called Nightly Recharge. Nightly Recharge measures how well your body recovered at night from stress and straining. Polar takes the sleep data and combining with ANS to tell users how ready they are for exercise.Polar Ignite sleep plug stages


Polar has announced that these new features will also roll out to Polar’s Vantage watches in October.

The Polar has also included a new feature called FitSpark, which is exclusive to the Ignite. This offers an adaptive, personalised advice and suggested exercises based on fitness level, training history and those Nightly Recharge measurements.

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Polar Ignite release and price

The Ignite is on sale today priced £174.50 in white, yellow- or black-coloured wristbands. Polar has priced additional accessory bands at £21.50.

I hope to put the new wearable through its paces over the next couple of months in a full in-depth Polar Ignite review. So don’t forget to subscribe to receive the review to your Inbox. If you have a question or comment, then drop it below.

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