Philips Smartsleep promises to improve your sleep

Philips has announced the Philips Smartsleep which is a new headband from that will use sound to alter your sleep for the better.

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The Philips Smart unveiled at CES 2018, uses built-in sensors attached to the forehead in order to detect brain activity and the Smartsleep headband will pass the data on when you hit deep sleep at which point, the headband’s speakers begin playing soft tones. Philips claim that by doing this, it will improve your overall sleep quality and lead to supporting wellness

Philips Smartsleep design

When the design was first revealed I did personally have reservations about the concept and the fact this could impact sleep rather than improve the headband design. Philips says the Smartsleep is made of soft fabric to ensure a light and comfortable design.

Philips smartsleep releaseThe sizing guide suggested is medium will be the best size choice for approximately 70% of people with a Head circumference 54-60cm (21″- 23.5″) and large size coming in Head circumference 60-66cm.

One of the interesting things that I have spotted is that the Smwill sleep will come with 90 days of SmartSleep Sensors. Philips has not given any indication how much additional Smartsleep sensors will cost and given the starting price point of $399.99, this could be an expensive wearable accessory for lots of people.

Philips smartsleep app


Philips SmartSleep release and price

The SmartSleep will be available purchase for in the spring for $399.99 / £400 which is pretty expensive. I am hoping to get my hands on one to test out and review, so I will give you my thoughts on the Philips Smartsleep later in 2018

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