Philips Hue smart plug and new bulbs to arrive later in 2019

According to website iCulture.NL, Philips Hue will introduce a series of new products later in 2019. The standout products are the Philips Hue smart plug that works with HomeKit and Philips Hue filament bulb.

The Philips Hue range already consists of coloured and white lamps. Along with a variety of accessories, including a motion sensor and dimmers/switches. Now it looks like Philips are going to be adding to the Hue range with several new products that will also work with Bluetooth.

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Philips Hue Smart Plug with HomeKit

The Philips Hue smart plug will work like any other smart plug. You will be able to turn dumb devices smart. At the moment, it is unclear whether you will need a Philips Hue bridge or if it will be an independent product via Bluetooth.

You can use Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and of course, Siri via HomeKit. The Philips Hue plug pricing around €29.95, but at the moment, a release date is not known yet.

Philips Hue Filament bulbsPhilips Hue filament bulb

Philips will also launch Hue Filament lamps which will work with Zigbee and Bluetooth. The current plan is to release an E27, an G93 and an ST19 fitting. According to the source, the new Philips Hue Filament bulbs fitting should appear the second week September 2019 with price ranges from €19.95 to €29.95.

Due to the introduction of Bluetooth, you may not need a bridge at all to interact with the lights. However, it is not clear if these new Hue products will support HomeKit without the hub.

Other Philips Hue new products

There’s also an update to their mood light, the Hue Go, which will come as a 2nd Gen model. But very little is known about what improvements it will get.Philips Hue Go generation 2

Below is a lowdown of the other new Philips Hue products coming later in 2019.

  • GU10 (white) new design with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (1st week September 2019)
  • GU10 (white ambience) with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (1st week September 2019)
  • GU10 (white & colour) with Bluetooth: 59.95 (1st week September 2019)
  • Hue White Filament with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (2nd week September 2019)
  • Hue White Filament Edison with Bluetooth: € 24.95 (2nd week September 2019)
  • Hue White Filament Globe with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (2nd week September 2019)
  • Candle E14 with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (2nd week September 2019)
  • Hue GO V2 with Bluetooth: € 79.95 (early October 2019)
  • Fugato spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (2nd week September 2019)
  • Argenta spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (2nd week September 2019)
  • Centura recessed spot (multiple configurations): from € 64.95 (2nd week September 2019)
  • Adore mirror lamp (multiple configurations): from € 149.95 (1st week of November 2019)
  • Adore bathroom spot (multiple configurations): from € 49.95 (1st week of November 2019)
  • Smart Plug: € 29.95 (introduction date unknown)

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