Philips Hue light strip to work outdoors

Philips has a new outdoor version of its smart LightStrip coming soon based on a leak by the company itself. The new Philips Hue product will be named the Outdoor LightStrip, the product appeared in a since-deleted post from the Philip Hue Netherlands website, spotted by HomeKit News.

As suggested, the Outdoor LightStrip is a water-resistant version of the LightStrip for use outdoors and it will work with the Philips Hue system to allow smart control.Philips hue outdoor light strip

And unlike the original LightStrip, the Outdoor version has a diffuse coating instead of just the bare LEDs, so you don’t have to hide it underneath a shelf or cabinet like you would the indoor version. There’s also no adhesive tape on the back. Instead, the Outdoor LightStrip is attached via its screwed-in clips.

The Outdoor LightStrip will come in two-meter and five-meter sizes, but there’s no word yet on price or release date (either in the Netherlands, UK, US or anywhere for that matter).

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