Philips Hue iOS app redesign, hue sync, and outdoor lighting coming 2018

Philips Hue is back with a handful of new announcements at CES 2018, Philips announcement a number of key changes to the Philips Hue app bringing it to 3.0, Hue Entertainment and what many will welcome that use the Philips Hue platform, outdoor lighting support for the Philips Hue range.

Hue Entertainment and Hue Sync

Philips is bringing “Hue Entertainment,” and added that a “Hue Sync” app for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 devices will be coming in Q2 2018. Hue Sync will let you create and customize light scenes for games, movies, and music played on a Mac or Windows computer. I am not sure how this will personally work in real life or in fact if it will actually take off, but it’s interesting to see Philips Hue moving in this direction as it could be a big growth area.

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Philips Hue 3.0 app update

Philips Hue 3.0 appDuring mid-2018, Philips will update the Hue App to its iOS and Android apps to version 3.0, bringing about a redesign of the app inspired by comments and feedback from current Hue users. Philips said 3.0 will “enhance” existing and new features so that the smart home lighting system can be activated “with even more ease.”


Early in Q2 2018, Philips Hue will introduce a redesigned Hue app for both iOS and Android. Based on comments, feedback and ideas from Philips Hue users, the redesign will enhance both existing and new features, to help consumers light their home smarter with even more ease. The new app will improve daily use, and ensure seamless setup and integration of Hue accessories and new Philips Hue Entertainment partnership integrations. The interface will also enable consumers to instantly access their last used scenes, and to simply group lights and select their desired color temperature or color.

I don’t personally use the Philips Hue app useless I am using the Philips Hue labs to experiment with different things. I am looking forward to seeing the changes made to the Philips Hue app coming in 3.0 and would like to see the user experience improved with quicker access to altering lights more on the lines of how Apple’s HomeKit works

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Philips Hue outdoor lighting support

Philips hue outdoor lights

Philips Hue outdoor lighting will come in mid-2018 in the form of an outdoor line of Hue bulbs so that you can sync and control lighting in a garden or anywhere else outdoors through the connected Hue app. This one is certainly interesting as I currently use the Philips Hue white ambience bulb in an outdoor porch light and over the last 18 months with no issues, but to see the Hue range officially supporting outdoors is a great step forward. No other information regarding the outdoor line and its price tag was given.

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