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Nokia’s Body Cardio smart scale is losing a top feature

It looks like Nokia being forced to remove one of the key features from its Body Cardio smart scale in order to comply with regulations.

Nokia re-released the Body Cardio Scale following in 2017 following its acquisition of Withings. The smart scale was sold with the ability to measure a user’s Pulse Wave Velocity, a metric which tracks the rate at which pressure waves move through the circulatory system.

However, the company has announced a software update will come on 24 January, which will remove the feature from all devices and the user cannot opt out of this.

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Nokia said “We brought the Pulse Wave Velocity feature to a home scale for the first time with Body Cardio. We are now learning its capabilities in the area of measurement of pulse wave velocity may require a different level of regulatory approval,”
Nokia Body Cardio smart scaleSo how will this play out for Nokia in the future? Based on the press release and knowing how much it takes to go through regulatory approvals, I cant see the Nokia Body Scale getting back the Pulse Wave Velocity feature anytime soon. 

It also looks like the Nokia Cardio smart scale will not ship anytime soon with, the current status as Sold out on the company’s site. However you can still pick up Nokia’s Body and Body+ smart scale, but be aware that both represent a slight drop-off in the features department.

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