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All the time, wearables, fitness tech and Smart Home is forever changing and evolving. Active JR aims to bring you the latest news on the  trends with wearables, fitness tech and Smart Home

Active JR will bring you news from Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Apple and others for Fitness tech and wearables. For Smart Home Apple, Google, Philips Hue, Wemo and many others

Neato vacuums to roll out Siri Shortcuts

Neato Robotics the robot vacuum company has announced support for Siri Shortcuts, making it easier than ever to clean your home. The current range already...
IKEA SMART blinds release

IKEA smart blinds appear on Sweden online store

FYRTUR & KADRILJ blinds online via Sweden store It looks like Ikea is gearing up for the release of the FYRTUR  & KADRILJ smart blinds...
LG HomeKit and AirPlay 2 TV

LG to launched AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support 25 July

LG will roll out an update to its 2019 AI TV lineup that will bring Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit starting July 25  These...
Garmin Optical HR swimming support

Garmin start to roll out Wrist HR support for swimming

It looks like Garmin has rolled out support for using the wrist HR during swimming activities. While this is still only available in beta...
IKEA Home Smart light

Ikea adds to Tradfri HomeKit with new sensor, spot light, bulbs

Ikea is continuing its TRADFRI Home Smart expansion by adding new smart bulbs, spot lights, Motion sensors and light panels.. The update to the...
IKEA smart blind battery

Ikea smart blind battery appearing in stores in Europe

The BRAUNIT battery pack for the forthcoming Ikea Smart Blinds is now on sale in Germany, UK and Ireland. While this battery also supports...
Polar Ignite released

Polar Ignite promises to help you train smarter

Polar is adding to its wearable line with the Ignite, a GPS sports watch helps you train smarter. The Polar Ignite$229.95/£179 GPS fitness watch...
Amazon Echo show 5

Amazon Echo show 5 available to preorder now

Amazon has unveiled its latest take on the smart display, the Amazon Echo Show 5. The 5 is a reference to the size of...
Avia smart video doorbell homekit

Avia smart to launch video doorbell with HomeKit in 2019

Avia, the start up smart home brand may launch multiple smart devices that will be compatible with HomeKit. Avia smart will launch its smart...
Whoop v3.0

Whoop Strap 3.0 will track you for longer

Whoop is back with the third generation of its device called the Whoop 3.0 with an increased battery life up to five days. The new...

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