New Garmin watch to be announced at CES 2019

Garmin Wearable coming at CES 2019

As with any new product launch leaks are starting to slowly appear about a new Garmin watch coming at CES 2019, but nothing is concrete at the moment to suggest which device it is or a whole new category for the company.

Update – Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon released – All the details here

Garmin is normally a big presence at CES 2019 and in the past has launched its Fenix series and also the Vivoactive and based on recent FCC filings suggesting Garmin is going to release a new wearable at CES 2019.

Currently, bets are on it being Garmin watch running WearOS or a Vivoactive 3 Plus, but its now unlikely that a Fenix 6 is coming at CES 2019 based on latest information.

Garmin confirms CES 2019 launch

Based on a recent dismissal request by Garmin for the very same FCC filing, it would appear Garmin has confirmed that a new Garmin Wearable is coming to CES 2019 and this evident by the following statement.

“This application contains company sensitive information that will seriously compromise a very important marketing announcement at our biggest trade show of the year”

Garmin Dismissal request

Oh, Garmin, you really don’t help yourself and make it easier to follow what is happening, well to some extent that we now know a new Garmin wearable is coming to CES 2019.

Update – Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon released – All the details here

So what are you hoping for at CES 2019 from Garmin? A Garmin watch running WearOS, A Vivoactive 3 Plus or are you still holding out for the Fenix 6? Let me know in the comments below.

Jon Ratcliffe
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  1. Please no wearOS!

    I’d like a running or tri-watch (similar to the 935) with LTE to be able to stream music, get audio-feedbacks and live-tracking.

  2. The reason for their dismissal: check out the RF Exposure document. They report that the device has LTE. LTE enabled Vivoactive device is launching at CES 2019.


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