Netatmo Smart Doorbell with HomeKit announced

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell that supports HomeKit

Netatmo has unveiled a new Smart Video Doorbell with Apple HomeKit support. The Smart doorbell comes with 1080p Full HD camera with a large 160-degree that can be stored locally with no subscription required.

Apple has dropped the doorbell from its HomeKit category recently, but that’s changing very shortly. Netatmo has unveiled the Smart Video Doorbell, which it says is the first doorbell to support HomeKit. You can view it through the Home app, or ask Siri to show you the doorbell when someone’s waiting outside.

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Of course, you don’t you don’t need an iOS device to use the Smart doorbell, there are also Android and web apps, not to mention IFTTT support.

You also don’t need to be home, or to pay for a subscription the smart doorbell saves video calls to a microSD card and then back them up to an FTP or Dropbox.

The camera itself is a 1080p, 160-degree and will allow you to see the caller along with the ability to speak to them in real time.Netamo smart doorbell released

Netatmo Smart Doorbell pricing and availability 

The Netatmo smart Doorbell is scheduled to be released in the Summer with no pricing at this stage

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