Neato D5 gets virtual no go lines, multi floor support

Neato has been on a charge this year with new products entering the Neato family and now the Neato D5 Connected, which was reviewed this year will be getting a software update to enable, virtual No-Go Lines, Eco/Turbo modes and quick boost charging.

When I reviewed the Neato D5 at the beginning of this year, the performance and feature set blow me away and since then has saved me time around the home, so now with the new features, the robot vacuum will become even more useful.

Botvac D5 Connected software update V4.3.0

So let’s take a quick look at the new features and of course, I will update the review once I get the update on my device.

Virtual No go lines

The virtual no-go lines allow you to mark on the floor plan the areas you do not want your D5 to go. This will bring a significant improvement over the physical magnetic strips as you only get one in the box, so you have to purchase more if you want to mark off multiple locations. But the biggest limitation I found is the length of them and with the virtual no-go lines, none of these issues exists.

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Multiple Floor Plans

In addition to the Virtual No-go lines, the Botvac D5 will also get multiple floor plans. This means you can create and save up to 3-floor plans for different levels of your home including the No-Go lines and not have to worry about the plans being erased like with other vacuum cleaners.Neato botvac D5 connected bathroom floor

So when moving the D5 between floors to start cleaning you will either have to make sure you put the base stand in the same place each time so it syncs up with the floor plan correctly, or purchase an additional base stand. Whilst some may see this has an additional cost, it’s a fair bit cheaper than buying a separate Neato Botvac for each floor in your home.

Eco/Turbo Modes

Eco and Turbo modes have also been added to the Botvac D5 Connected’s feature set, which is featured in the Botvac D7 Connected and the Botvac Connected.
Using the Turbo mode in particular on the Botvac Connected offers a deeper level of cleaning and you can tell the difference, so having this option will certainly offer more value for money in the D5 Connected.

Quick Boost Chargin

As a user of the Neato D5 and the Botvac Connected nothing is more annoying than it returning to the charging station for a full charge when it only has one room to go.

Now your robot can top off its battery mid-clean with just enough charge to finish the job with Quick Boost Charging. Neato now knows your floor plan and can complete the job in the most efficient way possible.

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Neato Botvac D5 Connected update

Software version 4.3.0 begins rolling out to Botvac D5 Connected owners today. The rollout of robot software version 4.3.0 to Botvac D5 Connected is expected to be completed by the weekend.

So if you have a Botvac D5 and you have the update, then leave a comment below on what you think to the new features

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