Lutron unveils the Aurora smart dimmer – part of the “Friends of Hue” program

Lutron has unveiled its new Aurora dimmer, designed to integrate with existing Philips Hue lights and joining the “Friends of Hue” program.

As users of most smart bulbs have likely experienced. Whenever a light switch is turned off, smart lights will go unresponsive. A solution to get around this has been to use a light switch cover that covers over the existing switch. Once you have covered the existing switch, you then mount the Philips Hue dimmer.

However,  Lutron’s new Aurora dimmer solves that problem in a signal solution, while also offering unique control options.

The new round-shaped dimmer snaps onto existing mounting bases, with Lutron claiming that installation is wire-free and takes less than two minutes. Due to it being part of the “Friends of Hue” program, you can control Philips Hue bulbs.Lutron Aurora switch

Here’s how Lutron describes the accessory:

The completely wire-free Lutron Aurora dimmer can be installed easily over toggle switches in just two minutes. A dimmer mounting base “locks” your existing toggle switch in the on/up position to help prevent it from being accidentally turned off.

The round knob dimmer snaps directly onto the mounting base, and provides wireless, local control of your Philips Hue smart bulbs and fixtures. The Aurora dimmer is perfect for times when it’s less convenient to use the Philips Hue app to adjust your lights. And, there’s no need to worry about Wi-Fi outages. Just like the Philips Hue system, the Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer operates via Zigbee technology. You can still control your Hue lights with the Aurora dimmer even if the Wi-Fi goes down.

You can order the new Lutron Aurora dimmer starting in June now from the Hue website for $39.95. They will also sell it via Apple, Amazon, and Home Depot soon.

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