Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit secure Video support is officially coming

According to a post in the Logitech community forums by an official spokesperson, it looks like the Circle 2 will support HomeKit Secure Video later this year via a free firmware update.

Since Apple announced HomeKit Secure Video at WWDC at the start of June, Circle 2 users have been wondering if it would support the feature.  However, Logitech has officially confirmed that HomeKit Secure Video will be supported on the Circle 2 via a software update. Circle 2 HomeKit Secure Video

While this news is good for users of the Logitech smart camera. But where does this leave the the current subscription plans?

HomeKit secure Video vs Logitech subscription

HomeKit Secure video works roughly in the same way as the Logitech subscription. But HomeKit processes the video files locally on an Apple TV or HomePod then upload them to Apple’s servers. All the videos will be encrypted and stored inside of iCloud instead of on third-party servers. You will then can playback recordings via the Home App, instead of the Logi app.

One way I can see the Logitech subscription plans staying is by offering them to the subscribers to the lower tier iCloud users. Apple only offers free storage with HomeKit to iCloud 200GB and 2TB subscribers. So, Logitech could lower the subscription pricing and target the lower tier iCloud customers.

So, there you have it, the Circle 2 will support HomeKit Secure Video. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest on HomeKit and Circle 2. If you have a question or comment, then leave it below.
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  1. From the forgotten forums: “This is typical of Logitech, I always find the hardware to be well made, but severely let down by the stubborn refusal to actually provide the software features their customers want.​”

    • I think that focus is changing. You only have to look at how Logitech has come out and said they will be support HomeKit secure video for example

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