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Garmin WearOS Fitness watch, could be a Vivoactive 3 Plus

It would appear a new Garmin fitness watch is on the horizon based on recent FCC leaks and speculation is pointing towards it being either a Vivoactive 3 Plus, Fenix 6 or the rumoured Garmin WearOS

The leak was first reported by the The5KRunner on his website and based on his own analysis it could be a Vivoactive 3 Plus, but given the Vivoactive 3 Music was only launched in June this year it would appear to be too early.

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But Could it be a Fenix 6? I doubt it, or could it be the Garmin WearOS I wrote about today? I am not sure. Well to be blunt about it, it’s all very much of a surprise and I need to do some more digging around, but below is what is known so far.

Garmin leak details

Here are the details about what the FCC filing says

  • Body-worn transmitter
  • States its a watch with a touchscreen
  • one manual button on the right side
  • Possible support for  NFC & BLE frequencies as they have been tested

The biggest clue in all of the information in the FCC filing is the ‘Short Term Confidentiality Letter” In this letter Garmin asks that the following is withheld from public listing

  • External photos
  • Internal photos
  • Test Setup Photos
  • User Manual
  • UserManualGarmin Watch leak FCC filing
Garmin says ‘Disclosure of the information would offer competitors additional unwarranted insight into the state of the product development’ and requests this until 7th January 2019. 
So why is the 7th January 2019 interesting? Well, its the day before CES 2019 starting on the 8th January 2019. This snippet of information could suggest that this Garmin device could be announced at CES and if so, that would suggest it could be a significant product launch.
If it is a significant product, then it could be the Fenix 6 or the rumoured Garmin WearOS watch. What do you think? leave it in the comments below
FCC Source: The5KRunner



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