IKEA smart shades to launch in August

While the date of the IKEA smart shades has been a moving event. It now appears IKEA has officially confirmed the launch date of KADRILJ and FYRTUR for Sweden via a blog post on its Website.

Ever since the company announced the smart blinds back in January its left hopeful buyers wondering when the cheap smart blinds would ship. Well despite the high interest from users (my own video on them proves that) IKEA has remained pretty tight lipped on the launch date.

However, a blogpost has appeared on IKEA’s Swedish website and when translated to English reads.

We appreciate your interest in our smart blinds KADRILJ and FOURTUR. These blinds were intended to be sold in February, but will now be available in August , according to our forecasts.

At IKEA we always want to offer the best possible product to our customers. The delay is due to the fact that we found an opportunity for increased functionality and therefore wanted to update the products’ software before we launched the blinds in our stores.

So from that statement is appears the Fyrtur or Kadrilj blinds are on their way, but this is not formal confirmation for other European countries or indeed the US. However, a recent email from IKEA PR In the UK stated a release would be likely to happen at the back end of the summer. So this roughly ties in with the official statement from IKEA about it being a August date.

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While many reason have been given for the delays from “stock shortages” to “updating firmware“ to allow HomeKit support. Whatever the reason, its great to see IKEA formally put something out about the launch of the smart blinds that has gathered a lot of attention from users.

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