Ikea smart plugs coming in October to the Tradfri HomeKit range

Ikea has already launched there smart home lighting offering in the Tradfri product and now they look like to be releasing the Tradfri smart plug based on recent leaks of the Ikea smart plugs on the company’s website.

According to a report from Swedish news outlet Teknikveckan, IKEA is planning to launch a new smart plug in its Tradfri line of smart home series. As you can see in the below image of the design is basic, but follows with the current Tradfri range.tradfri smart plug design

The most attractive point of the Ikea smart plugs is it would appear cheaper than most of the HomeKit-enabled smart plugs available on the market today like the Eve Energy smart plug. The Tradfri smart plug will cost just $10, a bundle that includes the plug and a remote will cost $15. In addition to HomeKit, IKEA’s smart plug is said to support Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Ikea Smart Plug

Whilst the price point will be welcome by some, you have to ask what compromises have Ikea taken to get to that price. If you take current IKEA’s Tradfri line of smart lighting accessories which was underwhelming in this review, but we need to wait and see how this new product performs

IKEA’s Tradfri smart plug will reportedly be available in October, though it’s unclear if that means a worldwide release. We’ll be sure to update when IKEA offers additional details.

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