Ikea smart blinds start appearing in US stores

Following an announcement 2 weeks ago of a delay, it would appear that the Ikea smart blinds are appearing in selected US stores. While this is not all stores across the US, it seems the launch is now underway.

Ikea originally announced the smart blinds as arriving in April, but then delayed the launch until mid-summer to “improve smart functionality”. The company then announced that it would release the smart blinds on October 1, but missed the date.

When Ikea spoke to the Verge about the delay, they said they would release the smart blinds “later this year.” So it now comes as a surprise to see reports on Reddit of them appearing in US stores so quick, although the statement is technically correct about it being later this year.Ikea smart blinds US store

Although the smart blinds only appear to be available in certain US stores, namely Utah and Indiana. You can follow this link to check stock levels at your local IKEA store before travelling. You can only pick up the Fyrtur blackout option in the US with pricing starting at $129 to $179, depending on size you require.

Don’t forget to checkout the Ikea smart blind review. If you manage grab a pair of smart blinds, then let us know in the comments section below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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