IKEA Smart Blinds shipping delayed until mid summer

Despite formal confirmation that shipping for the IKEA smart blinds smart blinds Kadrilj and the Fyrtur would start in February 2019 for Europe and the 1st April in the US, the company has now pushed the availability to mid-summer 2019.

I was personally looking forward to reviewing the Smart blinds and I am sure this news comes as a big disappointment to many given that the official launch date was only days away and still being listed on the German IKEA site.

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Just to refresh those not keeping up with the story on the IKEA smart blinds, the company plans to launch 2 new smart blinds that support HomeKit, Alexa and Google home along with the Tradfri app and gateway.IKEA Smart Blinds HomeKit

The smart blinds will come in 2 variants with the Kadrilj being a traditional blind that lets light through and the Fyrtur that is a blackout blind. The blinds start at a low 99 euro which is aggressive pricing giving others cost anywhere from 300-600 euro.

Why are the IKEA smart blinds delayed

After I followed up with IKEA PR team, they confirmed that the delay was due to a supply issue and not anything to do with HomeKit.IKEA smart blinds availability

The key takeaway from the way IKEA has handled the delay along with the recent Smart plug HomeKit issue, clearly shows that IKEA is still playing at being a smart home company.

Whilst they can delay flat pack without anyone batting an eye, IKEA needs to get stronger with PR and marketing when it comes to Smart home products as the customer segment is a different beast and will not be forgiving and this could hurt their chances of being a real player in this space.

As always, keep checking back for the latest information on the IKEA smart blinds availability and subscribe to the mailing list to receive up to date info

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