Ikea Smart blinds HomeKit support delayed

Since news of the IKEA smart blinds emerged at the start of the year. The company said the blinds would support HomeKit through its TRÅDFRI hub. But now the company says HomeKit will not come until later in the year.

A Reddit user who shared an unboxing video of the FYRTUR smart blinds on Friday confirmed HomeKit was not available. Later in the thread a response from IKEA’s TRÅDFRI smart support team confirmed “HomeKit support will be available later this fall.” This is despite Ikea delaying the smart blinds because of wanting to get the smart home integration right.

If all of this is sounding familiar, IKEA released £10 smart plug with HomeKit. But when it finally arrived, HomeKit support was missing. It then took IKEA 7 months to release the update to its users.

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While HomeKit users are familiar with support being promised with smart home products. IKEA needs to get its act together as these delays will damage its smart home efforts. If not users will quickly see IKEA as another smart home company that promises and does not deliver.

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