Ikea smart blinds get HomeKit support via Home Assistant update

When Ikea first announced the FYRTUR and KADRILJ blinds, it singled affordable HomeKit smart blinds was coming to the masses. But dreams (mine included) was shattered when the company confirmed the delay of HomeKit.

But thanks to an update to Home Assistant users can set up there Ikea smart blinds with HomeKit. This latest update comes in the form of 0.100.1 and you can get the update via your admin page.

Yes, I already hear you that this is not official support by Ikea for Homekit. But for those of us that want to live on the bleeding edge of tech. We now finally can have HomeKit support for our Ikea smart blinds.

To get it all working, you need to update to 0.100.1 of Home Assistant. Once you have done that you need to set up the HomeKit integration and then the Ikea integration. When you have completed all those steps, you will then see your Ikea smart devices including your blinds exposed in HomeKit.

I have been testing the Ikea smart blind HomeKit support for the last 24 hours and everything seems to work well. You can open and close the blinds via the app or with Siri voice control. I have also been able to include them in scenes and automations as I would do with any other blinds.Ikea smart blinds HomeKit support

While the HomeKit support works in the main, it needs some refinement. For example, in the image above the Blinds tile is showing them as “opening” when in fact they are open already. However, as this is a first release this is not overly concerning and I am happy to live with it. In fact, it’s far better than using the Tradfri Home smart app, so this makes me happy.

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So for Home Assistant user’s this is welcome news and way ahead of the official Ikea HomeKit support. But if you are not a Home Assistant user and don’t mind a bit of tinkering, then give it a go. Not only can you find support for Ikea devices, you can also add other non-HomeKit supported devices, like the Dyson fan.

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