IKEA smart blinds could be coming in May

At the start of the year, Ikea delayed the release of its smart blinds until later in 2019. Originally the smart blinds Kadrilj and Fyrtur should have been released in January in Europe and hit US stores on April 1st.

The delay was originally blamed on “supply issues.” Then reports surfaced suggesting the delay was because of firmware updates to add smart functionality. While it is unclear what the actual cause of the day is, it would appear that the launch may be soon.

According to a Reddit user who was in the IKEA Wembley store UK, the IKEA smart Blinds are expected to be in stock 28th May 2019. The user claims that he was shopping in the London store and did a search of the in-store product catalogue system and found the FYRTUR blinds availability.IKEA Smart blinds UK in may

While I could see this as a positive sign that the Ikea smart blinds will soon be released, this also could be an error in the stock system as the smart shades were still showing on the Ikea UK website as late as March.

Whatever the case, it shows that the Smart blinds are not dead and will undoubtedly hit our Ikea stores in 2019. However, what is unclear is if the smart blinds will support HomeKit, Google Home or Alexa.

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