IKea Smart Blinds coming soon with HomeKit support

Ikea Smart blinds to start at €99 with HomeKit support

Ikea’s smart home lineup will soon expand to includes Ikea smart blinds. The company has been rolling out Smart home products through its Tradfri smart home line with the recent arrival of the Smart Plug, now they are coming to the party with smart blinds, with a possible retail price starting at €99.

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According to Teknikveckan the Ikea smart blinds will start at just €99.95, or around $113 for the smaller blinds all the way up to €139 for the biggest option. The Ikea smart blinds will come in two variations: Kadrilj and Fyrtur. The Kadrilj will be completely ordinary blinds, while the Fyrtur is blackout blinds, but pricing is not yet available for this option.

Prices for the Kadrilj blinds are said to start at €99.95, which equates to $113. Prices increase from there based on size, maxing out at €139 for the largest size, which comes out to $158. Pricing for the blackout smart blinds is still unknown.Ikea Smart blinds

Back in September, the company confirmed the product’s existence to CNET and confirmed they would have a global launch in 2019 when in 2019 is anyone’s guess.

HomeKit support for Ikea Smart Blinds

Whilst all the information points towards the Ikea Smart blinds being controlled via a wireless remote, what is still unclear is if Ikea will include HomeKit as they have done with the smart lights TRÅDFRI.

According to sources the Ikea smart blinds will link with TRÅDFRI hub, which suggests that the Ikea smart blinds will support HomeKit, however, given the latest issue with the Ikea Smart plugs HomeKit support being delayed, they may not be supported at launch.

So what do you think to the Ikea Smart Blinds? Are you excited? I am!

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