IKEA Control Outlet HomeKit update a few weeks away

IKEA launched the exceptionally low priced smart plug, the control outlet. But several months since its release, HomeKit support is still missing in action for the Control outlet.

Despite misfires from IKEA twitter accounts, the Tradfri team via Reddit has now released a statement explaining the reasons behind the delays.

Hi All,
The reason behind the delay of the HomeKit support for the control outlet is the new Gateway firmware that we are working on. We are doing major updates on the Gateway to increase performance and stability and when we do certain updates on the firmware the HomeKit certification needs to be renewed.

The release is still a couple of weeks away and we will release OTA to selected markets first, followed by a global release a few days later. This is a normal release procedure when dealing with global rollouts. I don’t have any information about which markets will be part of which release but everyone can expect a firmware update very soon!

We are excited to bring you the new Gateway firmware but also very sorry for the delay!

Thank you for your patience and understanding


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So it would appear we are weeks away from a firmware update being released for the IKEA Control Outlet that will enable HomeKit.

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