IKEA control Outlet finally gets HomeKit support

IKEA launched the Control Outlet back in November 2018 without HomeKit support. Now users of the Tradfri smart plug will now be able to update the gateway and Control Outlet to get HomeKit support.

HomeKit support was originally promised before the release of the Control Outlet. But shortly after launch, IKEA pulled support for HomeKit due to issues with the way it worked.

Along with Support for HomeKit, the latest updates to the firmware to the Tradfri gateway 1.8.25 and accessories include;IKEA Control Outlet HomeKit firmware update

Adding IKEA Control Outlet to HomeKit

First you need to update the Tradfri gateway to 1.8.25, this can be done in the Tradfri App under “Tradfri Version”.

Once you have done this the Control Outlet will be exposed in HomeKit via the Home App like the Tradfri lightbulbs.IKEA Tradfri Control outlet HomeKit support

Control Outlet HomeKit rollout

Following a Reddit post confirming the HomeKit update. The Tradfri team confirmed the rollout started in the USA this week and will continue with a global release next week.

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Whilst IKEA is based in Sweden, it would appear they have decided to roll out the firmware in the US first. This may be down to the fact of a smaller user base before a full global release.

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