Ikea adds to Tradfri HomeKit with new sensor, spot light, bulbs

Ikea is continuing its TRADFRI Home Smart expansion by adding new smart bulbs, spot lights, Motion sensors and light panels.. The update to the TRADFRI line comes ahead of the rumored launch of HomeKit smart blinds later this year.

The expansion of the product sees Ikea release some new products and bringing some older Tradfri products from across the world to the United States for the first time.

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The first new Tradfri products which appears to be available both in the US and Europe is the filament smart light bulb in the traditional A19/E26 size. The bulb is like the Philips Hue Filament which will be available later this year. The new smart bulb will retail  for $15.99 in the US and Europe for 12.99, can output up to 806 lumens of brightness, and supports 3 different color temperatures.IKEA Filiment bulb

Next is the candelabra base or E12, colour and a white light bulb. The bulb will give you 650 lumens and is designed to be used in smaller decorative lighting. The new E12 bulb retails for $19.99 in the US with a new E14 version in Europe retailing at 19.99.

Already available in Europe, but new to the US is the release of Ikea’s Floalt line of light products. You can wall mount or mount them on the ceiling. They come in different sizes, with two square options coming in at 12” x 12” and 24” x 24”, and one rectangular panel which measures 12” x 35”. Light output varies, between 650 lumens to 2,800 lumens, respectively.

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Pricing starts at $69.99 and upwards and are available to purchase now from selected stores as they make stock available

Next is LEPTITER, which is a LED ceiling light that works with Tradfri. The recessed light runs at 600 lumens and offers different white choices. You can also use this a bathroom thanks to its IP44 approved design.LEPTITER Tradfri ceiling LED

The LEPTITER LED ceiling light is only available in Europe as of now with a price of 19.99, which is exceptional value for a product like this.

Last, it looks like Ikea is releasing a new motion sensor that is waterproof. It can set the brightness of the light source connected to the motion detector to 30% or 100%. Users hoping for HomeKit support will be out of luck. Other than waterproof support and a small design tweak, everything is the same.IKEA motion sensor waterproof

Interestingly, the new Ikea Motion sensor retails at 9.99, which is cheaper than the original at 19.99.

As always, we will keep you updated on the latest with the IKEA smart roller blinds. So don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest and if you have a question or comment, then leave it below.

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